Third Party Reviews

Ron B. | November 23, 2018 |

"Tried to call and make an appointment but they don't accept appointments. That is unacceptable!!!! I was going to be a regular customer but not now!!! You lost my business with your crappy attitude!!!!"

Jeff Z. | August 18, 2012 |

"They are professional and know about men's hair cut and style. The wait time is also less . I think the manager lady is little prejudice. She need to change her attitude little bit.On base on your past history and physical look they will offer you new products, otherwise not and finish with you quickly. But i got a good hear cut and i am happy. i will think about going again as we have Great Clips very near to us now"

Ryan L. | May 05, 2014 |

"This was my first time to a Sports Clips and my first time to a hair cutting establishment since 1996. My how things have changed. I received the MVP haircut. The place was very clean and bright. The staff was very friendly and they took me in right away, I went at 11am on a Monday. There were a couple of people there but not very busy. I thought there would be more TVs on the walls from what I read on the website but wasn't a big deal as there was one right in front of me while getting my haircut. The concept is fun although not really needed in my opinion. The hot towel was nice and relaxing, the back massage, which is actually a massage chair was ok, but the head massage was very nice. The shoulder massage was ok as well. Overall my haircut was good and I enjoyed the experience. I'm sure I will return again."

Josh C. | October 30, 2018 |

"Closes at 6pm!?? What type of "place for guys" closes at 6pm? When I walked in and the girl told me they were closed I literally thought she was joking. Nope- this place is the joke."

Marc Z. | April 06, 2012 |

"This Sports Clips is the only place I go for cutting my hair. Nicole runs a fantastic shop. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and they give me a perfect cut EVERY time (no matter who cuts my hair). A truly excellent establishment."

Patrick T. | October 15, 2018 |

"From out of town and needed a good haircut. Was worried till I met Nicole. Felt right at home. She gave me a great haircut a great experience. I highly recommend you ask for her."

Lance B. | October 13, 2018 |

"The idea being the Sports Clips concept is the convenience factor and yet I feel this location is steering away from it. This location is now closing at 6pm due to its so called 'Fall Hours' - first time i can remember any type of Fall Hours? Due to fact that the stylist are primarily paid on an hourly rate I am sure it's a way for the owner to cut back on labor costs; how much business can this location get on the morning hours of a weekday? surely not much, wouldn't it better to open the store later and close later to accommodate people that work later. Fast forward to the weekend where you would then think it would be the ideal time to then get your haircut, WRONG...the wait time is now outrageous as I feel that the people who cannot make the 6pm cut off are now piling in on the weekend. I checked online for a 'check in' at 11.30 am on Saturday..180 min until the first person was available , you kidding me. There are other games in town people ; I have been a loyal Sports Clips customer but I am vacating this location- there are just as qualified hair stylists at 'Great Clips' and 'Super Cuts' that are both located in Newbury Park and are open until 8 pm on weekdays; the change to the hours of this Sports Clips location does not make business sense at all especially if you have customers turning away. To keep an employee on until 8 pm would cost you an extra what-$30-$40 in wages and minimal operation costs, the loss of business is going to cost you substantially more."

Andy Kristie K. | August 30, 2018 |

"I will never be coming back. Luis completely over buzzed my head way different than the style I came in for! Then, tonight, the lady cut my son's ear and denied it! I had to show the cut and blood."

Joe N. | August 16, 2018 |

"Thanks Tom. Great haircut. You listened, you asked twice and paused appropriately to make sure this would be a good experience. I am a very happy guy. See you next month."

Vince O. | July 04, 2018 |

"Worst. Haircut. Ever. LOUIS was too busy watching the game to listen. I came in with long hair, said leave it long, just a trim, be consistent AND SYMMETRICAL from top to bottom. With my glasses removed I could not monitor what he was doing. My 6inch hair was now gone! He gave me a real short cut, apparently the only cut he knows how to do, shaved the back and sides and left it sticking up on top. I am now ashamed to see my friends or people that know me. Extremely bummed. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO BACK. Idiota!"